Saturday, 1 November 2014

And I Awake

The burn would run all night and morning
Gurgling seductively outside my bedroom window
Golden brown and bubbling over the peat-moss moor
Sounds of scratching fowls and swishing cows
Cud-chewing to the milking parlour

A sow screamed at the runt of the litter
And I, with one eye opened, feel the gentle Derry air
Lift the lace curtain and blow in a ‘good morning’
With its sickly smell of sweet manure
And freshly squeezed milk from bloated udders

A clang of creamery cans
A ‘get-out-of-here’ cry to cats
That craved fresh cream
And I awake on my uncle’s farm
Oh sweet, sweet memory

1 comment:

  1. Cooment from Christine

    I thought the Wake Up one hinted at that joy and excitement on waking that is very rarely felt after the age of about 10. Really made me think I would like to arrange some things I would be that happy to wake up for. That time when you didn't need to be woken up by your parents at 5am because your eyes were wide open when they came to carry you down the stairs and into the car to go to the seaside.

    posted by Mervyn and reader unable to put commnet