Monday, 29 August 2011

A Little Piece of Poetry in your Frame

First of all some people said I should READ THEM OUT ALOUD,
so I did. Some people said i should PUBLISH A BOOK , so I will.

How come I never get these ideas?
Anyway, next few gigs coming up in September and October
The Poetry Cafe is 35 poets, 5 mins each, and the best survive?

You better be there!

Anyway here is an opportunity to take home a PRINT of your favourite poem, complete with the original 1950 B&W photo to hang up your bog?
(SEE PDF above right)

and u can say " I know this bloke" (bit difficult if you are in the bog on your own..)
email me at with:

1. The Poem you want
2. The B&W photo you want (e.g. 1. We were kings, 2. And I awake, 3. And we were boys)
3. Size A4 or A5
4. Your address and billing details

(Cost GBP7.50 + P&P)

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