Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rhyme & Reason 20th Anniversary edition - Viva Chile

They have just released the 20 th Anniversary edition of Rhyme & Reason

A couple of poems from O Derry Boy are there for the first time published in UK.

Chile - what can I say - here is a version of what i wrote for the Chinese audience.

69 days, 33 miners, 1 dream
From the moment we knew the miners were alive, their ordeal, their journey has captivated millions of people across the world. Their fears became our fears Their hopes became our hopes Their dream became our dream They are our brothersAnd as brothers and sisters we prayed.  We prayed for their safe return. And their journey has begun.
Their faith in God, in the human spirit and in the co-operation of their fellow citizens gave them the strength to ascend from the darkness into the clear bright light of day.  They were re-born, alive again.
I have lived in South America.  I know their culture. I know their language. I know their spirit.
And I know today, across Chile their hearts and voices and spirit will shout ‘Viva Chile’, ‘ Viva los 33 mineros’  May their message be an inspiration to us and to all people.

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