Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What Ricky said..

It's my pleasure to read your book! Although I read only 15 pages provided by the website (sorry, I didn't buy it yet),

I have been moved by your words and senteces that stimulated my deep feeling of childhood and love.

In fact, a deep nostalgia pervaded in my heart when I first read a couple of words in your book.

 It was like Yesterday once more . .

What I apprehend from your words is that childhood, as a vital and sweet part in our life, definitely influences our life and plays an important role in our future.

I think childhood is as snug as the fire in a cold winter, which stays with me and calm me.

Your words, which are comely and lovely, remind me of my childhood. 

I am a teenagers who just say goodbye to my childhood. 

Perhpas, nowadays, childhood is not as pure and lovely as you experienced in your era that too many extra elements like MP3, Iphone, video games have already made childhood awfully complex, which is lack of true love and sweetness. 

Through your photos, I found myself in a kind of quinteness and intimate of nature and memory. I  love them deeply that I found what childhood should be and what childhood definitely means to me. 

Thank you, dear Mr. Mowen, your book calm me down in a prosperous and rushing society that none can sit down and read a book peacefully. 

I love the style of your writing and I hope somedyas I can travel to your hometown!

By the way, my name is Scar instead of the name "Ricky". Thank you for correcting articles and I think you are a fantastic writer as well as an outging teacher and friend!

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