Tuesday, 14 June 2016


" Hi Mervyn - I was actually listening to you reading your poems yesterday and I really enjoyed them. I have to say my favourite is the one about the Sunday afternoon sleeping uncles and also the one about going to the moss on the back of the tractor (sheep, crow etc).

I guess any time I want to wander down memory lane I can just listen to them all so keep writing. I can't really put into words how much I enjoy them but you know I was there so can really "see" a lot of it as I read them - pictures in the mind never go away. I suppose they are always there and then you read something like one of the poems and it all just comes back cos it was never gone - just lying below the surface somewhere.

I'm so glad one of us was able to put into words how much we loved being on the farm when Mum was ill and we were "farmed out" as it were - only it was such an enjoyable part of our lives and one I still miss - not being able to go there any more - guess it's a part of growing up and moving on, maybe I didn't really want to grow up If I had known that some things wouldn't stay the same for ever but they can't. "

Well done
Love from Helen x

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