Friday, 20 May 2016

Book review / Feedback

O Derry Boy - People write poetry for as many reasons as there are poets in the world.
Some write to exorcise demons, some to express a viewpoint.
Some do it to charm their readers, while others set out to shock.
Mervyn follows none of these paths, but his passions are equally as valid.

O Derry Boy sets out to capture a lost moment in history; a hitherto forgotten time
and place that most of us will never have experienced; a harsher time, yet a time
afforded a seductive allure by his evocatively wistful reminiscences.

Is this Mervyn's childhood in 20 th century rural Northern Ireland or is this a magical dreamworld that only those with true poetry in their souls will ever visit?

You'll have to buy the book to decide, but before you do, spend an evening in his company and let him tell you his story in the accent that matches the pictures.


ACOUSTIC CAFE ARTS4EVERY1 Friday 27 May, High Wycombe, UK 

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