Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Rock Heads

The Rock Heads & Mussenden Temple in the distance

The farm to which this poem relates is a mile to the West of the Mussenden Temple (main blog picture above) we called it  the Rock Heads.

They said you could see Scotland
On a clear day from the Rock Heads
I  saw a patchwork of fields
Where men and machines toiled  till dusk
And uncles told tales of the one that got away

The wind blew and bit our wellingtoned legs
Two sizes too small , red raw rubbed skin

The fields laid down their heads at this quiet hour
The straw spiked ground no silence it held
Creatures out for an evening meal
The hunter and the hunted

Uncle Bill with his 12 bore
Said little looked a lot , 
Over here, Over where?
Sssshhh be quiet, over there!

Oh tonight, let there be just one hare
Let it raise its regal head
Ears searching for foe, 
Half turning to stay
Half turning to go
Caught death in full flight

They said you could hear in Scotland
The boom across the  bay

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