Sunday, 11 May 2014

Now that I am gone

You left your shoes
In the porch, outside the door
You left the upright Hoover
In the middle of the floor
The gate is open
I know you’re in
The car is in the driveway, waiting
I can’t see the cat or hear the dogs
Our house is so quiet now

Tell me dear what’s it like
At the table, is it one cup & saucer
One plate and knife & fork
Do you half fill the teapot?
Or do you set another place
And talk to me so that I am there
You know how I like my cuppa
One sugar, milk and the spoon
Left in the cup

And after you wash and dry
And put the things away
Do you sit in a darkened, silent room
Close the blind as night draws in
Go and shut the gate
And off to bed and draw the covers over
Tell me dear what do you think and do and say
Now that I am gone

© O Derry Boy 2014 - dedicated to Keith

1 comment:

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