Saturday, 15 December 2012

Boy at the Window

It was late evening before the sun had set
My father bicycled out dressed in his uniform
Polish and proud, whistle, bell, cap
Handcuffs, trouser clips
To the station to the black hole
I watched him turn the corner out of sight 

And I kissed one last time before I l lost him to the night
He could not see me behind the sofa and the curtain
Where I could hide my pride

Where my sons would stand doe eyed
On the sill open the window lean up on toe
And shout bye Dad bye, Dad bye, bye, bye
And walked out of sight as the echoes died
The curtain closed again as the early risers fell back in sleep

And now my father’s final call beckons again
Dad don’t go I’ll sit with you one more time
And talk like we talked in times of old
Hold your anchored hand upon the wall
Feel your stubbled chin against my cheek

Don’t let me love you out of sight
Don’t let me lose you to the night
Listen hear a while I ‘ll read the words you love
And we will never ever hear

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